Meredith Hunt, Constance Thomas and Carling Pinckney

Spring Luncheon ~ 30 Years & Going Strong

The Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults’ 30th Spring Luncheon was a sold-out event at The Colony Hotel that raised funds for the preschool program. The luncheon which takes place each year, celebrated 30 Years and Going Strong.  Constance Thomas, Chairwoman of this year’s Spring Luncheon along with Co-Chairwomen Meredith Hunt and Carling Pinckney, made this luncheon the most successful event by bringing friends and supporters of RCCA together to share passionate stories of their experiences with therapy services. 

James McCreavy entertained guests as well as
the RCCA preschool students in the East Garden.
Photo by Capehart.
The 30th Annual Spring Luncheon was made possible with the generous support of sponsors that included: Gunster, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hunt and Family, Findlay Galleries, Key Private Bank, CS Ventures Management, ideabar, Cypress Bank & Trust, Holyfield & Thomas, Merrill Lynch Royal Palm Wealth Management Group, Williams Jones Wealth Management, Katie Benjamin, Christine and Bill Aylward and Steven and Patricia Figari. Christina DennisRoshan Massoumi, Lilly Pulitzer and Wilmington Trust graciously helped underwrite this event.
Photo by Capehart

In the Coral Ballroom, floral centerpieces by Black Cat Florist Patricia Duch combined yellow roses (known as “Julia Child”), purple irises, white snapdragons, blue hydrangeas, seahollies and fresh pennycress in recycled glass vases.

Preschool mothers Nicole Johansson, Patricia Figari and Christine Pressman
Photo by Capehart

While RCCA supporters enjoyed an elegant lunch, Christine Pressman, who’s son Fred attends the preschool, shared her unwavering support of the program and the impact that the therapists and teachers have had on her son’s developing skills. Pressman said, “As a parent, you hold many dreams in your heart for your child. RCCA and everyone in this room help those dreams come true.” 

Pilates at the RCCA in Palm Beach
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