Aerobic Activities after a Neurologic Incident

What’s next after a neurological incident or diagnosis

(i.e. Stroke, TBI, Parkinson’s, MS, etc.)?

The recovery journey will focus on restoring one’s sense of self, mobility, strength, and maximizing functional independence through various forms of exercise and aerobic activities.

Why is it important to incorporate aerobic exercise into your weekly program?

·     Improve mental health.

·     Improve cardiac function.

·     Improve balance, ambulation, gait, UE function.

·     Improve physical endurance and overall strength.

·     Improve metabolic issues.

·     Slow the progression of the neurological disease or effects of a sudden sedentary lifestyle.

·     Improve quality of life.

Happy Work Anniversary

Occupational Therapist Donna Holmstock celebrates 40 years at RCCA!!!!

Donna is the Preschool Director as well as the Director of Occupational & Speech Therapy Departments.

Her specialty is pediatric therapy with a certification in NDT (Neurodevelopmental Training.)

Donna is a graduate of the University of Florida, has three children (Rachel, Alex, and Adam), and looks after many kittens.

Donna has achieved the RCCA award for the longest-working employee.

New Preschooler Alert

We welcome our new preschool student Will on his first day of school!

Welcome back Kathryn “Kat” Shealy

Kat rejoins RCCA as our Rehabilitation Aide – she previously worked for RCCA for 16 years as the Front Desk Receptionist and Rehabilitation Aide.

2024 RCCA Spring Luncheon

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