How to Help Improve Your Child’s Handwriting

Handwriting Still Matters· 

Handwriting is an essential skill.·     Children need to be able to write to do homework, take tests, and complete assignments.·     Mastering handwriting allows children to be better, more creative writers, because their thoughts and ideas are able to flow when handwriting is automatic.·     It is a primary way teachers evaluate what your child has learned.

Activities to Improve Handwriting Skills·  

Proper positioning at a desk or table·     Hold the pencil correctly. Rest the pencil next to the base of the thumb and hold it in place with the thumb, index and middle finger. Pencil grips can help your child keep the right grasp.·     Lined paper can help with letter size, placement and writing in a straight line.·     Initially slow down to have more control over their writing.·     Work on spacing words.·     Work on tracing.·     Practice, practice, practice!

A pediatric occupational therapist can help your child work on specific skills to include:

·     Directionality: Helps prevent writing letters backwards or starting on the wrong side of the page. 

·     Fine Motor Skills: Allows the hand hold the pencil properly.

·     Hand Strength: Lets your child hold the pencil and write without getting tired. 

·     Sensory Feedback: Helps your child figure out how tightly to hold the pencil and how much pressure to apply when writing. 

·     Visual-Motor Integration: Allows hands to copy what eyes see and helps guide the pencil within the lines. 

·      Visual Perception: Helps your child with the correct sizing and spacing of letters.

Practice is key!

Better handwriting means less frustration and an easier time writing at school. 

Talk to one of our pediatric occupational therapists

if you think your child needs more specialized help.

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