April is Occupational Therapy Month

Advancing Health, Well-Being & Quality of Life is the theme for Occupational Therapy (OT) Month 2024. Our OT’s are dedicated to helping clients in our community achieve this!

Donna Holmstock
Kelli Jacobs
Camy Dreifuss

Christine Aylward

Mrs. and Mrs. Charles P. Carroll

Mrs. Mortimer L. Curran

Linda Dweck

Roshan Massoumi

Catherine Marie Miller

Julie Reveley

Joanie Van der Grift

Maury Wolfe

Frank Slattery is getting ready!

Frank performing Overhead Medicine Ball Slams with Rich Sylvester, PTA. This exercise works on balance, cardiovascular exercise, coordination, core strengthening, full body conditioning, muscle power, and more.

Frank says “My workouts make me feel energized and stronger than ever.”

Schedule a therapy evaluation & treatment to be in your best shape when summer starts!

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