Video Game & Electronic Injury Prevention tips

The American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) offers the following tips

to prevent injuries while using portable electronics and video games:

· Use a neutral grip when holding the device – keep the wrist fairly straight. 

· Take a break every hour or switch to another activity – avoid overuse of one muscle/tendon. 

· When using a handheld device, put pillows in your lap & rest arms/elbows on pillows – to decrease arm and neck strain. 

· Frequently focus on a distant object (look up & away) – to help reduce eye fatigue & strain.

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Securing the Future …

To ensure that the quality care, dignity, and respect that the RCCA provides to our community will continue to the next generation, the Board of Governors asks you to join a select group of individuals who have given at the following levels. Their generosity is recognized with our sincere appreciation on a plaque in our lobby:

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