How often do you hear someone saying they have pain because their joint is so tight? Have you been stretching you legs or back and feel like the muscles and joints do not really feel better, and at times actually feel worse?

Benign Hypermobility Joint Stability (BHJS) is a hereditary condition characterized by persistent laxity, loosening or hypermobility of the joints throughout the body that can lead to long term problems of pain, joint instability and deformity. Pain associated with hypermobility of the joints and loose ligaments often respond better to exercises or activities that stabilize the joints. 

Occupational & Physical Therapists are movement experts who

can improve your quality of life and performance of your daily activities. 

Some strategies that your therapist can do to help stabilize your joints:

·     Muscle Strengthening

·     Balance & Proprioception Training (knowing where your joints in space are)

·     Manual Therapy

·     Application of sports tape, splints or braces

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