Wellness is a concept that has been around for numerous years and can be defined in many ways.

“The condition of being healthy”

Cambridge Dictionary

“The quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”


There are similar components to each of the definitions:

·     Wellness is a choice you make that requires ongoing effort to achieve

·     It includes a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook

·     There are various dimensions that include positive choices you make to live life to the fullest

Dimensions of wellness include:

·     Emotional – your thoughts, feelings and behaviors; you need to recognize both positive and negative feelings, adapt to stress, life changes and challenges.

·     Intellectual – participating in mentally stimulating activities; be a lifelong learner and open to trying new things.

·     Physical – by keeping your body in optimal condition and health; diet, exercise and self-control.

·     Social – connecting with others and maintaining strong relationships.

Wellness impacts many areas of life and we should all work towards our fullest potential.

Choose Wellness and work on your Physical Health.

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