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Fees are based on audited cost and are established by the Board of Governors Budget and Finance Committee. Third parties, including private medical insurance companies, are billed when possible. Individuals needing adjustments may make arrangements and provide appropriate documentation through our Admissions Director.


The Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults has been awarded a Three-Year Accreditation under the standards for medical rehabilitation programs. This certificate is granted by The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission, also known as CARF. The organization is recognized for maintaining its primary objective of the provision of quality, outcome-driven rehabilitation services through integrated, coordinated and individualized programs.

CARF's standards are developed with input from consumers, rehabilitation professionals, state and national organizations and third-party purchasers. The programs and services accredited by CARF have demonstrated that they substantially meet nationally recognized standards.

Patients of the Rehabilitation Center have participated in eleven on-site visits from CARF surveyors since 1971. For over thirty years, their involvement has assured that national standards result in local benefits for our own community.


After the deductible has been met, Medicare pays 80% of some therapy provided at this Center through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida. We require a copy of the patient's Medicare card and a physician's plan of treatment. Cross-over billing for the remaining 20% may be covered by some secondary insurance companies. Coverage and limitations are based on Medicare guidelines which we are required to implement in order to maintain our provider status. Services may not be covered for chronic diagnoses, when auto insurance is available or when litigation is current. The treating therapist applies the guidelines to each patient and determines eligibility. The Center cannot assure all Medicare eligible patients that Medicare will pay for their therapy. When services are not covered by Medicare, alternate fee arrangements may be made with the treating therapist.

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