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Back in the Game - July 2000


Helping patients recover from injuries

An exciting new piece of equipment recently has been added to the Occupational Therapy Department at the ever-growing Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults in Palm Beach: the "Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment,” or BTE.

The BTE can replace thousands of real world activities from swinging a tennis racket to turning a doorknob. The touch screen software and instant graphic display motivate patients to better their own scores. Individualized simulations are programmed for diagnoses such as musculoskeletal injuries, fractures or tendonitis. The therapists can create positions to replicate workplace settings like lifting or steering, preparing patients to return to the functional demands of their lives.

The unit is being used by people of all ages and all professional backgrounds. A 40-year-old attorney is receiving strength training on the BTE as he recovers from a rotator cuff injury.

"My shoulder pain has been eliminated and I am back at work," he says. "I have resumed fishing and hope to be playing tennis soon.”

A 60-year-old machinist who suffered a stroke is using the computerized equipment to simulate work using screwdrivers, pulling levers and rotating knobs. He also is able to continue to enjoy his hobbies outside of treatment.

And the Rehabilitation Center’s Kelli Jacobs, an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist, utilizes the BTE for patients with arthritis, sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

It is all thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Mary Alice Fortin—a former volunteer and patient at the Rehabilitation Center—who donated the equipment.

"I wanted the therapists to have the best equipment,” she explains. "I am so pleased to know that patients are already benefiting from the BTE.”

Visitors are welcome to come see the BTE, meet the Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists and learn more about the services provided at the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults.



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