Coming to the Center for Therapy

You or those you care about can receive treatment at the Rehabilitation Center through:

Physician Referral: Your doctor can mail, phone (561) 655-7266 or fax (561) 655-3269 a prescription. A prescription form for your doctor to complete is available.
Medical Director: You may schedule a consultation with a physician at the Center by calling (561) 659-5443.
Self Referral: Call or walk in to ask the therapist if an evaluation will help your problem.


Do you realize that now, YOU HAVE A CHOICE?! As the consumer, if you need therapy, you can choose where you go and whom you see. You may  ask your friend, your neighbor, your insurance company, or your  physician, but ultimately, YOU are the one who chooses.

You can initiate therapy at the Rehabilitation Center for Children  and Adults by calling 655-7266 (Self Referral) or by asking your  physician to fax a prescription to (561) 655-3269. Call or walk in  anytime to ask for a tour and learn more about us.

Questions or comments: call us at (561) 655-7266 or send e-mail to

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