Patient Quotes

  • "I had a torn knee cartilage.  I'm much better now after individual professional attention and it's a joy to play tennis and golf again without pain.  Furthermore, not only did I receive excellent care, but I have also formed a long lasting friendship with Ellen."  Sophy Letts 
  • "I couldn't even tie my own tie, and now I'm back on the Lake Trail pursuing my roller blade passion." - Jack McGregor
  • "Therapy has helped because there is less burning sensation and I can bend my thumb more; I plan to start experimenting with clay again!"  - Mehri Danielpour Weil
  • "We're enormously pleased with the quality service provided to our 3 1/2 year old twins who were eager to learn.  The people, the services and the results are tremendous.  From both professional and personal levels, we were thoroughly impressed."  Ashley & Bradford Deflin
  • "Your therapists are excellent in the way they explain while teaching new exercises that eliminate my back pain.  This gives me the ability and the confidence to return to my volunteer activities in Palm Beach." - Charlotte Morris
  • "The individual attention and therapy I received to rehabilitate my knee was instrumental in getting me walking again!  The encouragement and knowledge of your professional staff and the well-equipped facility helped me immensely."  - Susan Retz
  • "From my own experience, the Rehabilitation Center's services are par excellence!  Dr. Hodge recommended I go to the Center for strengthening exercises to promote faster healing following my surgery and everything went well!" - Phil Whitacre
  • "I'd like to praise your preschool program for my grandson's major accomplishments within such a short time."  Stephen Covert
  • "We were very pleased with the evaluation and admire the professional, caring attention by your therapists."  Chris Franks
  • "Upon entering the door, from the efficient front desk and throughout, the culture of enthusiastic teamwork, leadership, professionalism and truly caring creates a tremendous atmosphere.  My therapy has been absolutely first class terrific and always encouraging in addition to the location being extremely great with my office nearby."  David Robb
  • "We truly appreciate your care, patience, compassion, sincerity and professionalism while teaching our son to swim. It is so wonderful to see him successfully continue new skills."  Katie Walesch
  • The Rehabilitation Center was the best thing that ever happened to Skylar AND us.  It's nice to be able to send your child and know she's being loved and cared for while the Center meets its goal of progressing her to independence."  Lisa Gorman
  • The individualized care for my sprained wrist included home exercise program education to help avoid future injuries." Richard Segerson
  • "I have been able to return to my own landscaping business. Thank goodness you were there when my family needed you because my insurance would not cover the needed therapy."  Michael Christiano
  • "After a car accident, I've moved from walker to walking, from brace support to full arm movement and now have very little pain, so I can return to college in the fall."  Courtney Forrest
  • I was pleased with my therapist's professional, consistent and effective therapy." Katherine Kean
  • "The therapist is outstanding and one of the best I have worked with over the years.  The quality of her analysis of my problems and techniques to help was excellent." Jacqueline Wilner
  • "The key word here is care." Miles Fiterman
  • "The heart and spirit of the staff brings a high level of quality and professional competence." 
    Doris Garbose
  • "It's the kind of therapy one deserves to expect; my sister and brother-in-law come here too. 
    Jeanne Smith


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