You may "Leave a Legacy" to the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults, Inc. like the following friends who have helped people with physical disabilities since 1990. and Harriett Cornell gifted over two million dollars in their estate plans to support the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults.  These funds provide physical, occupational and speech therapy for people with physical disabilities who are uninsured or under-insured. The Cornells requested a simple recognition plaque to read, €to help others with post polio syndrome. Freddie and Bill Koch were friends and neighbors of this generous couple.  Board member Freddie Koch said the Cornells €had been aware of the Rehabilitation Center and were very interested in its charity work,€¯ adding, €they never turn anyone away because of an inability to pay. Donnelley Haggin gifted one million dollars in her estate plan to support the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults. These funds provide physical, occupational and speech therapy for people with physical disabilities who have no or limited insurance. Naoma served on the Board of Governors, chaired the Annual Soiree and was a major donor. The Physical Therapy gym, where she received therapy services, is named in her memory. Addressed as "Nay," she carried a gentle, graceful demeanor and supported many other community programs. In appreciation for her extraordinary contributions toward helping others, Nay was appointed, in memoriam, to the Rehabilitation Center's Honorary Board of Governors on April 7, 2004, placing her name in its history in perpetuity. Spreckels Munn donated to the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults because she knew about the programs from her friends and family who had benefited from therapy services. Through attorney and friend, Martin (Skip) Purcell, she made some major gifts to the Rehabilitation Center. Mrs. Martin (Connie) Purcell delivered the checks from the quiet benefactor, stating only that "the donor knows of your good works." In January, 2000, Mrs. Munn passed away leaving a will that provides generously for the Rehabilitation Center and many other charities. As a result, the Rehabilitation Center will receive $3 million! These funds are a most welcome gift as they come at a time when we're facing the challenges of restricted insurance reimbursement. Mrs. Munn's gift is one of the largest on record for the Rehabilitation Center. Along with others who have remembered to 'leave a legacy,' she assures that children and adults with physical disabilities will receive quality care regardless of their financial situation.

Marie Louise Beck
Margery Todd Bell
Helen E. Blau
Sorrel Ross Bollet
Beatrice Braun
Mildred Christiansen
Shirley Clippinger
Marion T. Coggin
Elizabeth G. deParlier Cone
Harriet W. Cornell
George D. Cornell
Howard N. Davis
Hugh Dillman
Luba Dorman
Henry R. Duru
Evelyn Elgarten
Harry I. Etelman
Adele Felheim
Gretchen Gress Fentress
Hilda M. Fisher
Anne Halapin Francis
Lenore Goldsmith
Richard S. Grant
Jean Bellet Green

Naoma Donnelley Haggin
Lois & Henry Hamilton
Lois F. Henry
Florence Hyde
Harold Islon
Ottilla G. Jones
Laura B. Keillor
Mathilde Kellenberger
Edna A. Knauth
George Lambrose
Gertrude Lessenthin
Robert & Martha Levinson
Allen David Levy
Suzanne Lihme
Helena A. Manning
Dorothy H. McClintock
James D. & Marjorie McNeil
Edgar Melcer
Valerie Becton Mills
Evelyn Lichner Munitz
Dorothy Spreckels Munn
Georgia M. O'Connor
Francesco Pace
Ann Herwig Prior

Jean Reese
Teresa Reizenstein
Miriam Scherer
Betty S. Schulkind
Martha L. Seegal
Natalie Sherman
Fred & Joan Siegel
Bertha Klein Smith
Ethel Smith
Eugene A. Smith
Howard Smith
Regina W. Spence
Christine Strumbos
Edla Swanson
Ellen Tyler
Cornelia Drake Van Ryn
Gisela A. Wallach
Fred P. Weissman
Marie Mack Whitman
Marjorie Whittemore
Beatrice H. Wholean
Elizabeth K. Wilson
Mary Eleanor Woody


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